Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hi Mark

Several weeks ago I went to my nephew's graduation time. Gracie throws a good party. We don't see my father's relatives as often as we see my mother's and there are far fewer of them. But this party was the begininning of a good run! My father's sister, and her family were there. The surprise guest star was my cousin Jessica in from Vegas with her fiance. As I have mentioned before, we are all going to Vegas next March for the wedding. Although the venue has changed from the Ritz to the Marriott. Anyway, we all got a sneak preview of Mark, the fiance. There was a scheduled meet-n-greet for July (which was today), but circumstances allowed for an extra trip. Good for us. So we met Mark, saw my father's side and had a good time.

Then I had Frankie's graduation and we got to see most everyone again. Mark & Jessica were back in Vegas and missed that one. Now, today was a cookout to officially meet Mark.

I think he was a little taken aback by the banter between my Dad and his sister. They are just like my sisters, my brother and I.......sniping back and forth. But it was all in good fun. Mark will soon realize that if my father (or any of us) are picking on you, we like you. If we didn't, we just wouldn't talk to you.

Teresa, my father's sister asked what he remembered about his childhood. If you hear the stories, it wasn't so hot. Not much money, my grandfather left them. But, of course, to them it was all about presents they remembered and dinner's in Chinatown when there was a little extra money. Blueberry picking and trips to lakes. My father said a very happy memory for him was when his father dug an outhouse (I must assume he means when they were away for the summer) and he played with his toy cars in the sand. Everyone looked at him startled. I chimed in, explaining that he played in the sand that his father threw to the side to make a hole, lol. Mark, for one was very relieved to get the clarification.

I printed the graphic below to show my Dad. I can't email it to him, my mother won't let the Internet in the house. It's full of psychos and perverts (like her daughter). So he reads it and laughs, then he asks about the actual ships........great, I have to find that out now. What was I thinking?

Now, I am at Grace's...........what the heck, we were in her neck of the woods what if she has to unpack and do mounds of laundry after a two week vacation.......Jen and I will hang and watch!

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BostonGrlNVegas said...

OK...the dork is finally on here, and now I am in the office screaming my head off and where is he...nowhere to be found!