Friday, July 27, 2007

No! No! No!

I am getting premature congratulations here and in email.


Yes, the SecDef has recommended Admiral Roughead as the next CNO. And rightly so, he is the right man for this very important job. But he must be officially nominated by the CINC and receive confirmation in the Senate. While I have every faith in Gary that he will sail through this process, we must not jump the gun.

I am not saying that I am not impatient with the process as well......patience is a I seem virtuous to you? However, despite all my whining and moaning here and elsewhere, it is what it is.

There will be no "V" until then.

Now, I'm going back to knocking on wood and crossing my fingers and indulging my Druid heritage.


Anthony said...

Indulging your Druid heritage? Human sacrifice again?...

BostonMaggie said...

We do what we must!