Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Am My Father's Favorite Daughter....., lol.
Sunday at dinner my father announced that he had heard about a problem for the source of water used by the Jack Daniels distillery. Without the water at Cave Spring, Jack Daniels would not be Jack Daniel's. So all future presents for all occasions were to be Jack Daniel's....period. I jokingly asked if he would be turning my old bedroom into a "Jack Daniels cellar"......I got the eyebrow. I stopped making jokes.
So I started poking around on the Internet for the scoop. There was nothing in anyone's "news" catagory.... Yahoo..... Google..... MSN. Hmmmm, curious. Then I checked some blogs and found this one, Dowd's Spirits Notebook. He had a post about it in June. I commented and asked if he had any updates. Mr. Dowd was nice enough to email me and direct me to a new post today.
I went to the cottage, my parents and Grace and the girls are down.......I had Tazo tea for licorice for Grace......Canada Mints for my Mum.........and Mr. Dowd's post for my Dad. I read it aloud. He said "Very good." I asked if I was the favorite daughter. He said "Tonight."
Jen & Grace laughed...............but a "V" is a "V".

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Barb said...

Among the caving crowd that I hung out with in college in western Pennsylvania, the official hard liquor was J.D. The reason was the cave waters used in distilling it :-) There was also a tale of a bunch of not-too-bright cavers in the 60's or early 70's who hiked around in the cave and muddied the waters, causing the distillery to be shut down for a week!