Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24, 1944...........

Following 43 days of naval gunfire and air bombardment, Naval Task Force lands Marines on Tinian. 300 U.S. dead, 6,000 Japanese killed. We gained 6 runways, 10 lanes wide, and 2 miles long. They were built for the B-29s that would bomb Japan and deliver the A-bomb.

There's a place in Southie called Tinian Beach. I always thought it was some memorial or something. But when I Google it....nothing. I wonder if it's like the insider nicknames places have in Charlestown. You won't find Dewey Beach or Montego Bay on a map. One day I tried to give directions to someone using the words "Oilies" and "Neck". So......do you suppose there is someone who comes by this blog who would know the answer? Perhaps someone who would read this post and think "Hey, the CNO at the time was Admiral Ernest King and I've read his biography!". I think that person might know my Tinian Beach answer. If he stops by, LOL


SB and my Dad both explained to me that it was Tenean Beach and not Tinian. My Dad said it was in Southie, SB said it was in Dorchester. SB was right, but Tommy, you don't get points for proving my Dad wrong. Fortunately, he gained a ton of them the other day, but I'll post about that later. But the best reply was SJS who not only correctd spelled and located the beach, he sent a pic.

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Steeljaw Scribe said...

It isn't Tinian Beach, rather it is Tenean beach, south of Squantum Point and just east of I-93. I'll send you an overhead shot via email...