Monday, July 30, 2007

Stirring the Pot

Because I am a bad girl................

There are many post here about the Navy. I am a military supporter, but I favor the Navy. And in the Navy I favor *Shoes*, or ship drivers. As they say at my favorite super secret website, "Real men wear black shoes!" I am enjoying the current run of successes that the shoes are having. Admiral Roughead is a Shoe. There have been comments made. A little crowing from fellow Shoes - totally understandable. A little whining from the airedales and bubbleheads - sour grapes. Now if I were gracious in victory, I would overlook this. I am not gracious. I am a redheaded, despotic, evil Princess to quote Sgt.B. So, I will stir the pot.

First CDR Salamander writes this
Not official - but I'm feeling BostonMaggie's vibe.
And yes, Shoes do rule the Navy.

Gotta admit, that did tickle me.

Anyway, then there was this in the comments
And as for the last line concerning shoes, from a former MS and current ISC USNR your damn straight Sir!! I would like to hear the responses on that from CAPT Lex and CDR Pinch.
Richard Cook

So being the troublemaker I am, I shot this off to CDR Pinch.
You Just........ called out, boyo! Get over to Salamander's place and stick up for your brown shoe compatriots.

So Pinch heads over there and comments and then posts at his place.
"Cdr Salamander has this, as well, and in the process makes the common mistake of saying that “Shoes rule the Navy”, “shoes” of course being the naval vernacular for the “surface” navy officers, or those doughnut-filled-but-absolutely-ok-for-the-most-part-otherwise officers who chose to drive ships for a living rather than slip the surly bonds of earth and zorch around the sky in manly-beasts of aeronautical prowess."

I laughingly read this to my favorite Shoe, who asked for a link to this discussion.

Here you go, baby! Wanna a donut with that?


bullnav said...

We don't call'em shoes...

Just targets.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...without Shoes driving carriers the airdales can't get very far or have a nice safe place to come back to. As far as "target" comment...without targets you'd have no work or relavance. Can't live off Spec Ops alone. For brown shoes and bubbleheads....SWO's do rule. Look around and get a clue.
Real men wear black shoes! We are the real Navy! Here before you and we'll be here after you!