Sunday, July 01, 2007


While I can not reveal too many details about last night...they involve people who could get in trouble if someone else reads the blog, lol....................I can say.............

I am too old for this shit.

Jennifer has this lovely sitting area in the front part of her house. There are windows looking out onto the ocean that are nearly floor to ceiling. There is pretty furniture made of rattan with sunny cushions. Last night we sat comfortably and watched the full moon rise over the water. We had cocktails and snacks and surprise visitors. Although, there was a fruitless search for someone to bring us pizza at 2300 hours. Both my sons and my extras were roundly cursed. Can I just tell you that Jennifer is so orderly that there is literally a file folder labeled "Take Out" with local menus in it? I shudder.

Then I started to think about going home and I remember my room. I order for the living room to look neat and orderly..........I took everything from the living room and put it in my room. Well after the other night, that includes the parts for my new bed. It also includes some new "electronica" Frankie acquired that he needs some assistance hooking up to the TV. So around midnight, I am thinking how I can't go to bed until I dig it out! Then I was thinking that I was pretty comfortable in that chair with it's matching ottoman. Other people were falling asleep. People who needed to leave, left.

The first problem. Can you imagine what happens in the lovely sitting area where you watched the moon rise a few hours earlier? Yeah, that's right and I didn't have to get up early this morning. My niece Kelly's party isn't until 2ish.

Well I finally decide I can't take the light or the heat anymore. I can feel the AC on my hand which is over my head, hanging over the back of the chair, but the rest of me is roasting. That's when I discovered that the lovely rattan chair with the sunny cushions had given me scoliosis. I limped to Jen's kitchen....her cool, dim kitchen and wondered why I was limping. Fortunately, from my bent position, I could see that I was missing a sneaker......or that I had one sneaker too many.

I thought about a cup of tea. Too much work. I have a can of Fresca and some of the chocolate cake thing that Rachael from work made for the party yesterday.

If I ever straighten out there is a Coop clean-up up the hill. Although Jennifer has already made my family's contribution! Yesterday while I was cleaning my house and pulling together food....she marshaled all the kids for sweeping and weeding one of the bocce courts.


Anthony said...

We can rebuild you, we have the technology...

Sounds like your last night was similar to my Memorial Day weekend,, when will we learn?

SK said...

I know just how ya feel :) But we'll undoubtedly do it again :)