Saturday, July 28, 2007


*****Apologies, my commenter is "YukonJohn", not "YukonJack"*****

Something is up with my computer and Blogger's comment page. I can't post comments on anyone's Blogger account, including my own.

John commented in the post two below this one.
yukonjohn said...
You can never have too much NAVY and MARINE. You can always tie them into every comment. eg. Just think of Edwards coming down the stairs of MARINE 1 trying to keep his $1200 haircut in place!

I answered:
That is a horrible thought!
I am very upset with you YukonJohn! Do not EVER make me picture Edwards as POTUS. Ever. Ever. Again.

John came back:
Typical, I think I'm being very witty and your upset. You'll never have to worry about Edwards. My nightmare is Miss Clinton coming down those stairs with old Billy in tow. If that happens we can start the meter.
Boy, I bet that made you feel better

Since I can't comment on my own damn blog......I'll just post it!
So here's my answer
As long as you understand the importance of making it up to me when you upset me........we'll get along just fine........."


Anonymous said...

I'm honored to make your front page. Just a question, why are you "GO NAVY"? Have a great day.
Yukon Jack
aka yukonjohn

BostonMaggie said...

That was how I was raised. My Dad was a signalman(QM1)on a TinCan during Korea. I spent many, many hours watching "Victory at Sea" and running the decks of the USS Constitution.

And if that wasn't enough.....John Wayne in dress whites in the movie "In Harm's Way".......mmmmmmm

Although, I'm surprised you need to ask. According to sitemeter, you've read pretty much every word of this blog. You've been camped out here for a few days.

Now, I have a few questions for you. Why are you asking? Are you Navy? Or are you trying to see if I am openminded about the other services? LOL I'm friendly enough with that FlyBoy, Noonan over at Op-For and I have a favorite Army guy.

Anonymous said...

#1 Thought you may be prior or current NAVY. Read your blog to find out and kept reading. It's a pretty good story. Although, you succeeded in making me out to be a creep, I'll stop.
#2 Former MARINE E-5. My daughter is a 1st class MIDN at the Naval Academy. So I've been reading every blog that has NAVY content. I found your blog thru a link from CDR Salamander and I liked your attitude.
Good luck with your blog.

BostonMaggie said...

Now it's my turn to be misunderstood. I didn't find it creepy at all. I found it flattering. If it was creepy, I would have deleted. I was teasing you.

I could never be in the service. I am far too undisciplined!

BZ to your daughter. I wish her fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

We are even. Chicago Southside Irish guilt beats Boston Irish guilt every time! But I will admit that you would have given my Mother a run.
Thanks for the BZ, she's going SWO and wants a LHD or LPD.
It's important that you keep giving the IAP view and that's not a joke.

BostonMaggie said...

IAP? Please define. I am being bad on Atkins today and carbs slow my brain.

You lost points comparing me to your mother, based on your daughter being at Canoe U, I'm guessing we are the same age.

Anonymous said...

Irish American Princess or "The Woman Who Must Be Obeyed"
My Mother raised two boys alone and she had to be hard as a rock. My brother turned out to be the nice one.
Age, close enough but your younger. Make sure you take good vitamins on Atkins.

BostonMaggie said...

I am not "The Woman Who Must Be Obeyed", LOL! That's "She Who Will Be Obeyed" or SWWBO over at the Castle.

She is IAP too.

I will graciously accept the IAP title, I like it.

So you mention I'm younger, I think you forgot to add "prettier".

Anonymous said...

You had better be!
By the way Black Irish women always look better with the hair color God gave them at birth.


BostonMaggie said...

Now that's just not fair!!!!! God took the color back, gradually, starting when I was 16.

Are you saying that you don't like my hair? Two days into this torrid affair, you are finding fault with me?

Anonymous said...

You can't find fault with the faultless.

It's true "the women are never easy"

I just hope we can keep this going another day.

BostonMaggie said...

Does that mean you are still completely mesmerized by me?

After all, the first rule of the Rotation is

"It's all about Maggie!"

Anonymous said...

I seem to have been pulled into a cult.

I keep humming the black velvet band.

Let me guess, the last rule is the same as the first.

Sleep well

BostonMaggie said...

Hey! She was a bad girl who led him astray.

No, the last rule isn't the same as the first. There are other rules.

Anonymous said...

and your point would be.....

How many rules are on the list?

One Chicago IAP rule:

When she smiles at you and her eyes are not RUN AWAY
This would happen when you look at the barmaid for longer than 8 seconds after ordering drinks.