Monday, July 09, 2007

Howie Carr News

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Howie Carr jumps to rival WTKK

In a bombshell development, WRKO-AM radio host Howie Carr is jumping ship to rival station WTKK-FM, where he’ll take over the prized morning-drive slot.

Tonight, WRKO said not so fast.
The AM station announced they expect to keep Carr in his seat "for many years to come."
Carr, whose contract with WRKO-AM (680) expires in September, is set to host WTKK’s morning drive show solo and replaces shamed syndicated talk jock Don Imus, who lost his national show after the “nappy-headed hos” scandal.
Carr inked a five-year deal with WTKK (96.9), according to his lawyer, Bret Cohen of the law firm Mintz Levin. Carr could not be reached for comment and is vacationing in Florida.
This evening WRKO announced they are not backing down.
"Howie Carr is under contract to Entercom. He is a tremendous asset to
WRKO and Entercom has every intention of retaining his services for many
years to come. Any report suggesting a change is incredibly premature," said WRKO spokesman George Regan.
Carr’s move to Greater Media’s WTKK pits him against disgraced, ex-House Speaker Tom Finneran, Carr’s longtime nemesis. Finneran’s morning-drive show on the Entercom-owned WRKO has bombed since he got behind the mike earlier this year. WRKO was banking on the former speaker to boost the station’s dismal morning ratings.
Carr hopes to debut on WTKK Oct. 1, his lawyer said. His show will run from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and will be a similar format to what he’s done in the past, said Cohen, who would not divulge Carr’s new salary.
“Money was not the driver here. He’s leaving to pursue what he generally believes is a better opportunity for him. Among other things, the opportunity to be on FM,” Cohen said.
With his move to FM, Carr escapes WRKO-AM’s weaker signal. Carr informed WRKO of his decision to leave today.
A Boston Herald columnist, Carr is WRKO’s marquee talent and is its highest-rated radio host by far. He has been with the AM station for 20 years and has had his afternoon-drive show since 1994.
After Imus was canned in April, former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle replaced him on WTKK but failed to strike a morning show deal with the station.
Carr’s plans to continue to host his afternoon-drive show on WRKO until his contract ends September 19, his lawyer said

I love Howie! I will follow him wherever, no problem. He's on vacation and today the fill-in was Col. Hunt, who I love (not as much as Jen), but Col. Hunt can't carry the whole time. I am happy about this change because 'RKO's Red Sox pre-game stuff was always cutting into Howie time. But 0530? I'll be missing lots of beginnings!

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