Monday, October 21, 2013

Spending Time With Tommy

Just as I was grateful for the chance to live again at 88 Elm Street with my parents; I am grateful for this time with Tom.

He works nights, so I make him breakfast around four in the afternoon.  The other day after putting his plate in the sink he walked past me "Thanks for the eggs mom." I was struck.  I got a little leaky and went in the other room.

I realized that now I am getting another chance to relive another happy part of my life.  For the first six years of Tom's life I was lucky enough to be home with him most of the time.  Especially after we moved to Rocky Nook.  It was a happy simple time.  And my life now is very like my life then.  I hang, I do a little housework, I make Tom's breakfast and sometimes pack his lunch.

On nights he doesn't work we do stuff and talk.

Living in Virginia is painful for me, lol.  I long to be in Boston.  The independence of hopping on the "T" and going to events and lectures and movies.  The ocean, God!  I miss the ocean.  I  miss my city.

But inside this house?  Inside this house is very nice.

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