Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Smart Political Advice

From yours truly!

Every Republican in Washington, DC should be down at the World War II Memorial escorting anyone who wants to walk around inside.

I get why POTUS thought barricading it was a good idea.  Everyone is trying to get their point across.  POTUS wants to blame the Republicans for the fact that he, Harry Reid, Nanacy Pelosi, et al said they would not negotiate.  There are a million clips on the internet.  Google one up.  "We won't talk."  "We won't compromise"  "Just forget it."

You can disagree with me here.  That's fine.  You can say it is the fault of the Republicans.  Not my point.  My point is that blaming Republicans has no oomph unless someone suffers.  Sure, people have been furloughed, but does that really grab America?

But shutting down memorials and monuments, that's a soundbite!  "Yeah, me and the wife saved up all year to bring the kids here and now it's closed!"  Mr. Middle America opines into the reporters mic.  The the MSM bot gets to point out that polls blame REPUBLICANS!!!!!

It's the same thing as closing down the White House tours but not cutting the entertainment budget inside the White House.  They aren't tightening their belts, they are trying to make a point.

So yesterday they threw a few symbolic barricades around a number of outdoor monuments.  I am sure they expected that their loyal MSM cohorts would record sad pics of tourists barricaded from National Monuments and Museums.  Just like the pics of school kids outside the White House at the beginning of the Sequester.  Mean, mean Republicans!

But something else happened.  World War II veterans, some escorted by Honor Flight, just moved shit outta their way and went in anyway.  It's an outdoor memorial, morons.  You can't close it up.  So essential park police came to stop them and (if I understand correctly) Rep Peter King sent some of his people down to diffuse the situation.

So that photo op didn't go POTUS's way.  And, Honor Flight has stated they aren't changing their schedule.  The Republican National Committee has offered to pay for the memorial to be opened.

Mistake!  Stop.  Back off.  It is the wrong message.  Mean old, rich Republicans throwing money at a problem.

Instead every Republican should be down there daily escorting these vets.  Wear out some shoe leather.  Your reward will be whatever tales these amazing men and women want to share with you.

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FlagGazer said...

Absolutely correct!!!