Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Am I Awake?

Because the guy who lives upstairs decided it would be a good idea to arrange some furniture, lol!

You just know when a noise is wrong.  The wind has howled all night, but I slept right through.  And that could be dangerous with my bed hopping!  The other day someone stumbled on the stairs and I jumped up and started running for the......window?  Then I realized I was in Hull and not Charlestown.  So it was ok that there was a window where the door should be......and that person on the stairs wasn't my Dad.

My bed's made.  My teeth are brushed & face washed.  I'd get a jump on the gym, but I left my sneakers in Charlestown yesterday.  I was there to shovel the "minor" snowfall of 5".  Nothing compared to last Sunday.

So, I guess, I'll get some breakfast and head into Boston to reclaim my sneaks.

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