Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day One Of EPIIC----#Fail

I love going to the EPIIC Symposium.  I couldn't go the year of the transplant and last year I was in the midst of the whole Grave's disease nonsense.

But this year...........I was going! Thursday through Sunday, four days of panels and discussions.

This year's topic "2013 EPIIC Symposium: Global Health and Security at Tufts

Well first off, My Marine is making me go to a different symposium all day Saturday.  The 24th Annual New England College Symposium at Boston University

Ok, there was still Thursday, Friday and Sunday....right?

Well Frankie called, we hung out.  And talked and had supper and talked.

Thursday night's lecture "Food Insecurity: Hunger, the Environment, and Conflict"...., missed.

Wish my luck on getting to Tuft's Braker Lecture Hall by 9:30 am tomorrow's "Bystanders, Perpetrators and survivors: A Global Health Perspective on Sexual Violence".

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