Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help Me With This

Mel Gibson, who made "The Passion of the Christ"  says some incredibly awful, anti-Semitic things.

Hollywood and the media come down on Gibson like a lead weight.

Chuck Hagel, repeatedly and supposedly in control of his faculties, says incredibly anti-Semitic things.

Hagel was just confirmed as SecDef.


Anonymous said...

And Mel's better looking and likely alot more fun. I got nuthin' in way of a defense for the hypocrisy.

Yer Marine said...

Take a wild guess....

He reflects the latent and overt anti-Semitism of the Obama cabal.

Hagel also wants to slash Defense well below sequestration, and eliminate US nuclear (Noo-q-lah) weapons.

If the administration didn't want to do those things, why'd they pick him?

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Hagel is important to this administration, as he wants to get rid of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Force. Anti-Semitism is just chrome on his bumper.