Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Subway Strips Franchises From Serving Soldier

From Chuck at America's North Shore Journal

Subway Strips Franchises From Serving Soldier


Mrs. Diva said...

This is total BS from from Subway. And I'm being polite since I'm commenting on your blog! Just imagine what I'd say in person m'kay? :)

Stella said...

I'm officially boycotting Subway. And I plan to email this article to everyone I know, especially Sniper. This is a disgrace. SEND JARED TO GITMO!

To quote Joe Biden: Our soldiers desrve the best when they leave, the best when they serve in combat, and the best care when they come home.

I'm calling Subway's corporate offices in the morning and writing to my Congressman.

Oh, and hi Maggie. I've got a teen, slow computer and a decent sized keyboard which means I'll be back to boether you more. Always miss being away.