Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1st Pic From The Fishmugger

*****UPDATE******The Fishmugger wants to remind everyone that getting the perfect rainbow picture often involved standing patiently in the rain. That was the case here. Please note the extra effort*******
The Fishmugger went on the most awesome trip a Castle Denizen could wish for.

He has scads of pics for the Redleg.

And stories.

And Calvados.

That's fine........but for the record.......I got the first pic with a note "For cheer up. This was shot off Omaho Beach from a bluff overlooking about the center."

After all, I am the Goddess of the Navy Blogging Strike Group.

*snicker* Is it to early to say Go Navy! Beat Army!

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Anonymous said...

Ya wanna trade pics, eh?