Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pennsylvania Politics

Everyone is focused on April 22nd and rightly so. You know what a political junkie I am.

Barack vs. Hillary.

Bigger than the "Thrilla in Manila!"

But there are other things happening that day. People who vote in Pennsylvania's 12th district have the chance to rid themselves of that asshat Murtha.

Now I understand that if you live in PA's 12th, you may be thinking.........."Hey Maggie! Who are you to talk with John effing Kerry and FatBoy as your Senators?" You are absolutely right. I vote against them. Speak against them. Support their opponents. Still they are in office. But our primary is not until September 16th.......yours is upon us.

I am asking you to please write in William Russell on the Republican primary ballot. Please help him get on the ballot and help him win! Help him unseat Jack Murtha.

William is an Iraqi veteran who earned a Bronze Star. Married with two children, William espouses the pro-family principles of the Republican platform, receiving the endorsement of LifePAC. William is himself a small business owner, and believes that government should establish a climate for business growth with good infrastructure and lower taxes, and then get out of the way. A marksman himself, William supports a citizen's right to own guns. As a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, William has seen firsthand the results of our failure to enforce immigration laws, and believes that national security should begin with closing the border.

Please visit his website and some others. Please write him in. Please spread the word.

Veterans for Bill Russell includes Veteran's Family Members & Friends

Musing Minds

Are you on the fence about Murtha? Maybe this will push you off.

Murtha’s Office Calls Cops On Iraq Vet’s Mom
Then, the vets went inside. They passed Bev Perlson, in front of the Cannon Building. Bev is the founder of Band of Mothers, an organization of moms of service members. She was spending one of the three days she had a permit to stand there with signs in support of General Petraeus and our troops.
“Do I have an appointment?” a young man asked. I gave him my card and told him I was outraged that several Marines had been in to see Mr. Murtha and were refused. This young man stood up and told me that “people” cannot just come in there and expect to see the Congressman without an appointment. I was outraged by his pompous attitude and insulted that he didn’t seem to understand that these brave Warriors are not just “people!” I clearly saw the problem here and was so deeply offended that he didn’t seem to understand, and I informed him that these fine Marines are not just people, THEY ARE SOLDIERS, THEY ARE HEROES, and MR. Murtha needs to show them respect and further, he needs to apologize to everyone of them.
As I just reached the Cannon Bldg., 3 or 4 Police cars with flashing lights pulled right up near me. I think I saw 6 or 7 Policeman around me and was asked to step aside to speak with one of the Officers. I was asked if I had just been in the Rayburn Bldg and what was my business there. I explained to the Officer what transpired in Mr. Murtha’s office, I was asked for my driver’s license and that was it. I did tell the nice Policeman I was not at all sorry for what I said in Murtha’s office and that I have NEVER been arrested. I did tell him that I was very sorry if I caused him any trouble or a lot of undue paperwork.
These are excerpts from the story........go read the whole thing. And read another post about it here.

Good luck Col.

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