Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Murtha = Jackass

Come again, elohssa? Have you nothing better to do? Shut yer cake-hole you ignorant jackass.

75-Year-Old Rep. Murtha Calls McCain Too Old to Be President
WASHINGTON — Democratic Rep. John Murtha said Wednesday that Republican Sen. John McCain is too old to be president.
Murtha is 75, four years older than McCain. He says they are nearly the same age, and the rigors and stress of running the country is too much for guys their age.
“I’ve served with seven presidents,” Murtha told a union audience. “When they come in, they all make mistakes. They all get older.”
“This one guy running is about as old as me,” he said, drawing laughter and applause. “Let me tell you something, it’s no old man’s job.”
If elected, McCain would be the oldest man to become president at age 72. Ronald Reagan became president at age 69, but he served as president for eight years and was just a few weeks shy of his 78th birthday when he left office.
The McCain camp responded that Murtha’s remarks were “nonsense attacks.”
Murtha, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, made the comments while introducing the candidate he has endorsed, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, to the AFL-CIO’s Building Trades National Legislative Conference.
Clinton referred to Murtha’s introduction when she took the stage, saying she was grateful to have his endorsement and agreed with his sentiment that it will be difficult to turn around all the damage of the Bush administration. She didn’t mention his comments on McCain’s age, and the campaign sought to distance itself from the comments.
Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said Clinton “considers Senator McCain a friend, and she respects him. But it’s not his age she has a problem with, its his ideas for the future.”
Earlier this week, McCain was asked about his age and he joked about it, at first feigning sleep.
“Watch me campaign. We keep a heavier schedule. We campaign harder,” he said Monday during The Associated Press annual meeting. “People will judge me by my performance. I am confident that my energy, my intellect, my experience, and my judgment is what American people will — hopefully that they will view me as qualified to be president of the United States.”
His campaign said Wednesday Murtha’s comments were “nonsense attacks.”
Of the Democratic candidates, Clinton is 60 and Sen. Barack Obama is 46.
McCain and Murtha are both Vietnam veterans who have worked closely on national security issues. Age hasn’t slowed Murtha down. After Democrats took control of the House in the 2006 election, Murtha sought the House majority leader position but was defeated.

So, let's see...........Murtha is a veteran who disrespects other veterans. Murtha is an ex-Marine (yeah, I know they say there is no such thing, but Murtha is the exception that proves the rule) who disrespects other Marines. Murtha is someone who could be discriminated against on the basis of age and so he discriminates against others on the basis of age.
That would make ASSHAT!

Also, when someone says something during an introduction that does not properly reflect Sen. McCain's thoughts, he speaks up and says "That's wrong". But Hillary doesn't and Obama didn't.



Argent said...

Too old huh. There are real considerations with it if functionality is impaired. But if the functionality is not it's just discrimination.

Our previous PM was smart enough to show he had the energy. I have no doubt McCain will do that too.

One does not after all say Obama is too black or Hillary to feminine to be President.

Let them all be judged for their real qualities or lack thereof.

Pia said...

Actually, the preferred term is "former Marine," but in Murtha's case, ex-Marine isn't even harsh enough. He doesn't deserve the honor of Marine anywhere on his CV. He's a shitbird, plain and simple.

BostonMaggie said...

ARgent - Hehehe, no one is ever going to say Hillary is too feminine for anything!

Pia - I know about the distinction, the "ex" was on purpose. You are right, there is no term too harsh.