Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's Jen Best At?

Keeping my ego in check!

If you read the post below you know that I made a request for something and a certain someone answered promptly.

I sent an email thanking him and asked "So, how should such service be rewarded?"

His reply? "Let me build up sufficient credit so I can cash in, in a big way!"

So, I am recounting this for Jen as we settle in to watch "Combat Zone - The Battle of Hue" and Jen says (in that incredibly sarcastic voice of hers) "Credit? Like skee ball tickets? If he gets 10,000 can he turn them in for a flourescent super ball?" So I just kill myself laughing and wait for her to fire up the DVR.........I have no defense.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen's good at this!! lol

Anonymous said...

Funny your sister is!