Saturday, December 15, 2007

AWTM Asks............

The Best Christmas present?

Interesting post......some really touching comments......and then my nonsense!

Tammi - I love your story. Thanks for sharing.

My Dad grew up with lots of nothing, so Christmas for us was a huge deal for him. There were always a ridiculous amount of toys. I remember a vanity with a mirror (I was self obsessed even then), another year I got a ridiculous kitchen set that they (my parents and uncles) had to re-assemble a few days after Christmas because they were tanked on Christmas Eve when they put it together.

The funniest one was the year I got a nightgown in a box from "Santa" and a matching robe in a box from "Mummy & Daddy". I was 16, but my sister Jen was only 7. I teased my Dad about them matching and he looked at Jen and then me "Santa uses my Sears card. We're friends." Jen went wild to think Daddy knew Santa and did him favors.

This year the favorite Naval Consort is playing in the Gulf, XXXXXXXXXX(redacted for OPSEC)
SB reads me when time allows and I can't have him seeing this! So if you want to know, you have to read AWTM's comments.


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