Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pre-2008 Mission

So the current mission is to try and indulge in everything I will miss once I initiate the Princess Crabby Self Improvement Plan. Jen is my favorite mission buddy. We have had pizza, chinese food, fried chicken and today/tonight was devoted exclusively to the mission. As Jen pointed out, we are veterans of many such missions! LOL

When we were at my brother's house before Christmas, his father-in-law invited us to his upcoming Malasada party. Grace asked for details, and it turns out Malasada is fried dough. Grace is a fried dough fan....not that Jen & I aren't, but Grace is serious.

So off we go to Henry & Rita's place where they have about 40 people over to enjoy 7 pounds of fried malasada dough!!! LOL There were dessert/snack tables set up in four different rooms. My brother's nieces were fetching drinks. I was yelled at for over tipping - $1 for a seven year old to fetch me a Pepsi? I thought it was worth it since it meant I didn't have to leave the malasadas!

This morning I was psyched about fitting into an outfit I bought a little while ago. After a couple of malasadas I was a tad worried that I'd have to ask to borrow some sweat pants for the ride home.

On the way back to drop Grace off, we decided that we needed some actual food and popped into Beachmont Roast Beef. I know people will tell you that Kelly's has the best roast beef. They are mistaken. Beachmont is the best. We took it back to Grace's which unfortunately meant that we had to heat it back up once we got to her place. You see, Jen keeps the car set at 64 degrees. It's better than her house though. So, anyway, it lost something in the reheating, but still it was a fun and full day.

I still want something with bananas before Wednesday.


Barb said...

Interesting - sounds like solid doughnuts, or even like beignets - which are pure heaven for the doughnut lover :-) Hmmmmm.

infiniteingenuity said...

Barb ~ think fluffier. More air. More like a beignet than a donut.

And Oh. My. God.

I had never had one until we moved to Hawaii. They are delicious. Just yummy puffs of fried, sugary heaven.

64* in a car??? Brr!

BostonMaggie said...

Barb, Jason has it exactly right! OMG! LOL

Jason, the car is cold....but it's warmer than the house! Someday Jen will retires to Greenland.