Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cocoanut Grove

Sixty-five years ago this evening, my grandfather's brother Jim lost his life in the Cocoanut Grove fire. Jim had joined the Marines before the war and was a drill instructor. He was home on leave and out for a fun night with friends.
I've blogged about it before and the Globe wrote an article this morning to commemorate the anniversary.

I like this pic better, he looks mean, but my mother says he wasn't. She was only four and half when he died, but she has always been a good judge of character. My grandfather's brothers made sure we all knew the circumstance of his death. He and a date were there with another couple. Once Jim had his party out safely he went back inside. The friend came to my grandfather and told him that.

Then there was something about a hat on a bed, and my mother hiding in a closet when they came to tell my grandfather. I suppose I should ask my mother to explain that story.


Anonymous said...

Maggie this story is just so very sad.

Yer Marine said...

That afternoon, unranked Holy Cross defeated Boston College 55-12, which caused the BC team and supporters to cancel a large celebration planned to be held in the Cocoanut Grove.

Ironically, the loss probably saved the lives of a great deal of the team, as they had reserved the are in the nightclub from which few had escaped.