Monday, September 03, 2007

Somebody Get Pia Red Sox Tickets!

Pia of Fatekisminy was in Boston for the weekend. She and her fiance, Chris, were in town for a Red Sox weekend. Pia is a devoted Red Sox fan and she couldn't marry Chris until he had been to Fenway. So the first night they watched Clay Buchholz pitch his no-hitter from a local restaurant. Then Sunday they went to Fenway and watched the Red Sox win over the Orioles.

Clearly, we need to get Pia season tickets.

She also reports that every time she has gone to Yankee Stadium to see the Yankees play......they lose.

It's all good!

Then after all that excitement there was one more fun thing. I went into Champions at the Marriott Copley and met them for a drink. She was exactly like she is in her blog. Happy, funny and a pleasure to be with. I also enjoyed meeting her non-blogger fiance, who graciously put up with our blogger nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Yippeee -- you finally got to meet Pia!

Just out of curiosity, are the Pak Power Burps crediting me with additional visits?

O! the suffering I contend with just to bump your numbers...

[all this *counts* as paying attention, btw]

Anonymous said...

The pleasure was ours Maggie! Our Boston weekend was perfect, of course we had flight delays yesterday morning. But what's a trip through Logan without that? I'll be writing about the trip with photos later today. Again, thanks for coming to meet us!