Thursday, April 26, 2007

Officer Jeremiah J. Hurley Jr.

I was glancing at the headlines of the Patriot Ledger. This one caught my eye.

Bomb convict fights for release; But feds want him to die in prison

You have to get to the 9th paragraph before they mention Officer Hurley. It should be more prominent.

Anyway, my point. This worthless piece of shit should rot in jail until it's time for him to rot in hell.

The Globe article has the proper focus.

Officer's killer resentenced to 37 years

My favorite quote.

Trenkler's lawyer, Joan M. Griffin, argued the judge was obligated to sentence Trenkler to no more than 10 years in prison because jurors never made a finding that he intended to kill anyone. She said Trenkler, who wears a pacemaker, isn't receiving adequate care in the federal prison where he is confined.



Anonymous said...

Let's send Trenkler some batteries for his pacemaker. I'd hate to see him deprived of the challenge to complete his full sentence. On the other hand, an officer of the law died - was killed, an officer who had taken on the burden of our safety.
Actually, I'm more inclined to have his pacemaker charged by direct current.

Gunny John said...

Maybe his pacemaker will crap out on him. That would break my freakin' heart...NOT. Scumbag.

BostonMaggie said...

Shawmut - SB liked the direct current idea, ggod job!

But John, you are such a bleeding heart! Are you sure this story didn't have you tearing up a little?

morrisonbonpasse said...

Please see the website, for the full story about the wrongful convictions of Alfred Trenkler and Tom Shay. Neither man had any role whatsoever in the making or placing of the 1991 Roslindale Bomb. Bostonmaggie is correct that the memory of Jeremiah J. Hurley, Jr. is very important, but we will honor that memory when the real maker of the 1991 Roslindale Bomb is caught and prosecuted.
I've written a manuscript for a book about the case, PERFECTLY INNOCENT.

BostonMaggie said...

I will read the materials you reference, however, it would take a lot for me to believe that these men were framed by the BPD. I am not naive, I know people on both sides of the blue line can be dishonest. But you are asking me to believe that the BPD wanted a conviction more than justice for one of their own......and that's a tall order for me.

morrisonbonpasse said...

As I wrote to Boston Maggie, "...please know, however, that I'm not accusing the Boston Police Dept of framing either Tom Shay or Alfred Trenkler. What happened to them was a combination of mistakes and only a few lies - and none of those, to my knowledge, from the BPD. A jailhouse informer (informally called a Jailhouse Snitch) was a source of some lies and he was given a large reduction in his drug-smuggling sentence. A few of the other witnesses may have intentionally lied, or they made large mistakes in memory.
Interestingly, the Boston Police Detectives were pursuing other leads in the case and they did not believe that Tom Shay or Alfred Trenkler had a role. The motive was simply too weak. However, the ATF took over the case in early 1992 and pursued the case as it did. At the April 4, 2007 hearing for Alfred Trenkler, I talked with Jeff Kerr of the ATF and he had seen the website and I asked him if he thought it was 'fair.' He replied, 'Yes, it's fair.' Of course, he disagrees with our conclusions, but the conversation was polite, as I hope it will continue to be. He, like the other law enforcement people, is interested in justice, too."