Saturday, April 28, 2007

Being President Is Tough

You don't always know the right way. There are tough decisions. But sometimes there are clues that you made the right decision.

Sometimes the clues are in who agrees with you.

Sometimes the clues are in who disagrees with you.
"Iraq’s firebrand Shiite cleric Moqtada Al Sadr on Saturday lashed out at US President George W. Bush for refusing to set a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops." Khaleej Times, Alril 28, 2007
In a scathing speech seemingly aimed at shaming the president into calling for a withdrawal, Reid said the Bush administration is in denial about the war, incompetent in its conduct and unwilling to listen to alternatives." FoxNews April 23, 2007


Anonymous said...

Good work on the associations these three have. They each have religiously motivated contempt for the United States. Remember that between the snake-oil salesman, Reid, the snake-charmer, Pelosi and L'il Mucky; they're all default players. Republicans lost seats as opposed to Democrats winning seats. Mucky nearly lost his ass until he retreated to Iran.

BostonMaggie said...

Do you listen to Howie Carr? I loved this exchange when Col. Hunt calls Sadr a gerbil and Howie says "A fat gerbil" and Hunt yells at him "Yeah! I said that! Have you ever seen a skinny gerbil?"

Anonymous said...

I always try to catch some part of Carr during the day. If I know Colonel Hunt is going to be on I make it a point to listen.
BTW (Somewhat related but too sophisticated for Carr) - Look up Tenet's background for a cynical tickle; Congressional Staffer (Sen. Dave Boren, D, Sandy (Burglar's) National Security staff; Then when Deutsch and his accompanying amazon couldn't bring Langley any lower (Burglar) foisted him there as DCI.
When he rants that intelligence personnel are the only ones who tell the truth, we should note that he never served as either a case officer or an analyst. He hacked his way up.
Hell, countrymen! We have WikiGoogleHoos, etc. at our finger-tips, and with our acclaimed sophistication (Ha!), we gulp this stuff down.