Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Might Have To Dump SB

He is affecting my family dynamic.

It is a constant struggle to maintain my supreme authority among my siblings. Grace being right about the stupid colonoscopy has not helped.

Now I have this "bonding" thing between Jen & SB. They team up against me constantly. It has progressed to the point where Jen is using him as a cudgel in arguements.

Yesterday I worked the local town election. I am an appointed election official. I think it's an important civic duty and I am happy to do my part. I also believe when you commit to something, you honor that committment. So yesterday, Grace called to say that our mother had pulled a back muscle and we should go over and cheer her up. I said that was a great idea and I would head over as soon as the election wrapped up. *Big sigh* Clearly Grace wanted me to blow off the election. Then Jen showed up at the polls and said pretty much the same thing. I laughed. It's not like our mother needed a transfusion or a ride to the hospital. She was sitting in a comfortable recliner with a heating pad and my father waiting on her hand and foot. Jen and I went back and forth. She knew she was losing this arguement. She knew that rationally it was proper for me to wrap up the election.

Then she pulled out her favorite weapon.

"Why don't we ask my friend what he thinks of you putting this election above family?" she asked, eyebrow raised, smirk on lips.

He's got to go.
So I ask SB what he thinks about this post. When he stops laughing.......he tell me that he is not worried. He says "I will be gone when they pry me from your cold.....dead.....hands, Maggie! Now go tell this nonsense about kicking me to the curb to someone who will listen!"
What an arrogant bastid!


googiebaba said...

If it means anything to you Maggie, I think you did the right thing. Elections are very important. You can tell SB that your liberal lesbian friend Googie thinks you are right. I'm sure that will win you LOTS of points.

Ron Simpson said...

Right is right all the time. Soemtimes what is right does not feel good. Sometimes doing what is right is not fun. When you make an obligation, you have given your word. It is then a matter of honor. Once you go back on you word, you can never gain back that little bit of honor lost.

BostonMaggie said...

GB - That's exactly how I will say it, lol.

Ron - This is just a joke. My sisters and I all make outrageous demands of each other and then promptly ignore them. Neither of them actually thought I would leave. They were just frustrated that they misunderstood my plans. Also, Jennifer just likes watching my face when she threatens me with SB. SB would completely agree that once you commit to something, you see it through. However, he knows it drives me crazy when he sides with Jennifer against all logic. He will read this post and chuckle about the fact that he gets under my skin and he will probably not even respond. He is the perfect man. The number one rule in the Rotation is "it's all about Maggie". The number two rule is that you must pay endless attention to me, think I am the most fabulous thing.....yet not put up with any of my bullshit! It's a very fine line and no one does it better than SB. That's why he holds the top spot in the Rotation.

Ron Simpson said...

Oh. That is different then. Your relationship sounds like my wife and I's.
Nontheless, my points are still valid, if not applied to your situation. My dad tought me this growing up. but it took me years to figure out why this was important.