Sunday, March 18, 2007

What A Great Day!

Really it started last night with one last call from SB as he spent his last seconds in the United States talking to me. He really is the best! After our phone call, I sent him a text teasing him that he should have used the last few moments to sing "Happy Birthday". He sent back a text with the whole song typed out. "Thanks," I typed back "but you still have to sing it when you get back."
So this morning it was off to Mass & CCD. The kids in my class are so great. We discussed Penenance and Lent. I love their inquisitive minds.
Then down to the supermarket to buy ice cream for my Dad. When he asked for it, I told him that we were having ice cream cake. "Yeah, yeah." he said "I want chocolate chip." LOL I said "It's my birthday, not yours!" "Yeah, yeah." he said "I want chocolate chip." Fine, he'll get his chocolate chip.
After that trip it's off to Cold Stone Creamery in City Square, where I buy not one.......not two......but three different cakes. I know, I know. When Grace's daughters questioned me I told them "Someday, when someone asks you to describe me with one word.....that word will be excessive!"
I wimped out and had my father park my car. Charlestown is a mess of snow and ice, what would have taken me an hour took him 45 seconds.
We had chinese food from Tiki Island. My mother was horrified by the overwhelming amount of food. I explained the whole "excessive" thing....she shook her head.
I got shower scrub, foot scrub, foot cream and body lotion and an assortment of Molton Brown which I love! That's what was in the shower in the apartment in Dubai. I also got "The War Tapes" on DVD and a book about political scandals. Finally there were restaurant gift certificates so I won't have to cook for a bit.
My mother made me fudge! She hasn't made it in at least ten years. It's grainy and nothing like what they sell in stores. She has to whip it and whip it and she told me that the whole time she was thinking what a pain in the ass I was. I am. I shared very little of it. I will eat it until I have a stomach ache!
I will gorge myself tonight on leftover chinese food and ice cream cake and watch trashy TV (Desperate Housewives). I have to store up, tomorrow is my turn at the "Rolling Victory Fast 2007" over at Tanker Brothers.
I love birthday week........Tuesday dinner at Cedars in Foxwoods........Thursday I got chocolate cake at Paparazzi........Saturday night Trish and I went to Straga where I had delicious Italian food (I wanted dinner at Ilaria, but their kitchen was closed early)........Sunday dinner with nearly all of my nieces and nephews, my sisters, my brother and my parents...............and it's not over yet! My birthday is actually Tuesday.
And just in time for my birthday...........MG Rick Lynch news!
Society will present an authentic Irish thornstick shillelagh to Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division.


Anonymous said...

Boston Maggie: Happy Birthday! The cakes sound heavenly - and I join you in being excessive, what's wrong with 2 cakes anyway?! And Molton Brown - excellent stuff.

artdoll said...

I wonder if that Fudge recipe is the same one I LOVE! As a born and raised in Roxbury (older than u) Irish Gal I bet it was either from the "Fannie Farmer Cookbook" or the "Everything Cookbook", two OLD hard covers that have been my bibles since I inherited them (and long before as well!)

googiebaba said...

Hey - Happy Birthday to you as well! And, um, don't fast too hard, for crying out loud.