Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random Stuff

It's 72 degrees in Dubai.....where I should be celebrating my birthday.
I am wearing Pevonia Botanica Ligne Nymphea The vernal equinox will not happen today as it usually does.......it will occur just after midnight.
My boss sent me an arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries with a card that wishes me a happy birthday "WEEK!!!" LOL
I am going to take my two "birthday" coupons to Aveda and buy myself a gift.What do I want to have for dinner?????????


Barb said...

Perhaps a tasty sailor?

Happy Birthday! Sorry I screwed up :-( I guess I'll go take Ry's old spot in the dungeon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

AFSister said...

Barb stole my thunder.... I was going to suggest SB in answer to that last question, LMFAO.

Yeah, I know you have a Birthday Month, and we've been BAD DENIZENS, but I really, really do wish you the happiest evah!

BostonMaggie said...

Barb - Sailors are tasty!

Trias - Thank you

Sis - It was a great birthday, thanks!