Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saying Goodbye to MG Rick Lynch

Third ID Commander Heading To Iraq

Thousands of dog-faced soldiers are already in Iraq, and Tuesday, their commander will join them.
Major General Rick Lynch leaves in the morning, and Monday, took the time to say goodbye to the community that's charged with taking care of Third Infantry Division families in the meantime.
At a ceremony Monday Hinesville, Liberty County and the community unveiled a pair of yellow ribbons on a great oak, and bid Major General Lynch a fond farewell.
"Keep your face to the fight, and know that we have your back," said Hinesville Mayor Tom Ratcliffe.
"Don't worry about us," replied Lynch. "We're trained and ready."
Lynch will be joining some 6,000 soldiers already deployed in Iraq, and says he can't wait to be reunited with them quickly.
"It's important for me as their commander to be on the ground with them, sharing the same hardships," Lynch told WTOC.
Lynch says those soldiers are already doing a good job, and he's eager to see how much more they're capable of.
"Your soldiers, your division are the most trained, best equipped, most prepared soldiers I've ever served with," said Lynch.
Major General Lynch says one thing he doesn't have to worry about with this deployment is his family. He says he's confident in Hinesville.
"Whenever I look around and I talk to soldiers and I talk to their families," said Lynch. "They tell me this community cares."
"We think that we are equally prepared and expectant of our responsibility as we attempt to support this division," said Ratcliffe.
It's something they've done before, and something they say they're prepared to do again.
"God bless you. God bless the troops. God bless America," said Liberty County Commission Chairman John McIver.
City officials say the metal ribbons will stay up for the next year, while the Third ID is deployed.
Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite

GodSpeed, General!!!

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