Friday, April 25, 2008

Will You Buy My Excuse of Busy Day?

Or will you hold out for the truth of lazy day?

I am just going to crib from the Castle. After all in the first post, nobody does this stuff better than the Armorer.

Anzac Day

On the next one, words just fail me.

From the H&I Fires for April 25th

Over at National Review, there has been a brief kerfuffle over Representative Broun's (R-Ga) bill to ban the sale of Playboy, etc, in military exchanges. He does not approve of federal funds being expended to provide this service. When he was told the Exchanges were self-funded, he and his staff didn't blink an eye. They said "soldiers are paid with federal funds, therefore..."

No, really. I've been contemplating a response. While I've been dithering, Patrick Lasswell of Moderate Risk put up something I can live with as a response. I would note that troops buy tobacco and alcohol and fatty foods, fast cars, and motorcycles with those *federal* dollars. As do I, as a retiree. Perhaps the Congressman wishes me to account for all my purchases, and find another source of funds for those things he might find offensive.... -the Armorer

From one Republican to another..........Congressman Broun, you are an asshat. Shit like this is why non-Republicans assume we are all prudish, Bible-thumping, narrow jackasses. Thanks a lot buddy!

For the record most us understand that once a person is paid their wage, no matter the source, they are free to spend it as they wish. If you want the buy Playboy and having it in the PX is good for you, then it's good for me. You know, Congressman Broun, life is a balancing act. You are out of whack. You want the Playboy in a discreet place so little children don't see the pics. On the other hand you want it accessible to the adults who wish to view it. You are free to never buy Playboy, but your rights end at the tip of someone elses nose. If you can't process these things in a coherent way.............THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF CONGRESS!!!!!

Again, this is an example of people who do not get the line. The boundary. The place where their rights end and anothers begins. The place where the government's influence ends and the private citizen should be left to his or her own devices.

Go read Patrick Laswell and Rachel Lukas on this subject.
And now (04/30/08) Patrick has gotten Skippy (of Skippy's List fame) to chime in on this.
My favorite part?
Now to answer some of the obvious responses to my statement.
“Pornography is harmful to women”-How so? I have run a careful experiment exposing my wife to pornography. She has yet to catch fire, develop cancer, or run off to become a prostitute. Okay, maybe if a pallet of dirty magazines was to fall on you it would hurt. But I think you’d be just as crushed if they were bibles.

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