Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Have I Ever Told You......

....that I suck at the 50/50 questions? They trip me up everytime. The closest the Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour was coming to Boston was New York. But they were also going to be in DC. DC was going to be bigger, but that's twice as far. So, I think and think,....

I settle on New York. There's no event per se, but I am told that there will be "a booze up after the TV shows and hoopla." No problem! I'm in.

Then this morning Uncle J catches me just before I head off to Yank-mee territory.

Should have picked DC. ConcreteBob went and froze his ass off (southerners have thin blood) and he sent me a link for some great coverage at This Ain't Hell.

Jimbo, I have two books that need to be autographed.

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