Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Proves My Sisters Right On Soooooo Many Levels.

They think my taste in clothing is boring.

They think I am too disorganized and scattered.

Last night, after work, I popped into the local nail salon for a manicure. Then it was back to the house for a quick shower before going to dinner. Frank & Bill were playing video games, Tom was on the computer. There was music playing, phones ringing. The boys showed me where they have started ripping the paneling out of my room (after they finish, my Dad & brother are drywalling it). My bed is askew, my bureau is in the kitchen....just the usual chaos.

So........I shower, I dress, I fix my hair, I'm ready to go, right?

Wrong. I can't find my bank card, license and cash. I have to leave right that minute or I will be late.

I check the bureau.
I check the bathroom.
I check my car.
I check my bathrobe pockets.
I check the bed.

Now the boys are helping.

Frank tells me to check my pants pockets. I go to the back porch and pick up the olive green cargo pants and stick my hand in every pocket. Nothing. Frank comes out and picks the pants back up off the floor and checks the pockets. A few minutes later, Bill goes out and checks the pants. Nothing.

Frank points out that I have a spare license and he has cash. He presses money in my hand and growls "Go!" LOL! You realize my presence is not welcome, right? They can't play the game with their usual enjoyment if I am there.

So, I take the money and the extra license and go to dinner.

Fast forward to this morning. I wake up and go out the the back porch to put on a load of laundry. when I pick up the green pants, I pat them down one more time. Nothing. Then, Frank's jeans, Tom's shirt, my shirt, and......................my other pair of green pants.........and in the pocket of those pants...........my cash, my license, my bank card, lol!

That's right, I have two of the exact same olive green pants, several similarly colored tops and sweaters. It's a color I am so drawn to that my sisters laugh when they pass it in a clothing store and point it out to me.

So, should I expand my color palette, or just try to remember to check all the pockets of all the pants?

Or just try to be more organized? Nah, that's ridiculous.


Argent said...

As I see it you have kind of a choice.

Be Yourself. If you like Olive green then you go girl with Olive green. You could even try working Olive green into interesting.

Be Adventurous. Try some other colours. See if you like it. Olive green will still be waiting for you back home if it doesn't work out.

April said...

I can relate. I always say I shop like a guy--I find something I like and buy several. Everything I wear is black. It all goes together!

SK said...

I am NOT the person to help you with organization! lol As for clothes, I have 2 closets already so maybe I should think about limiting myself on colors:)