Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sometimes I Wonder How I Don't Have An Aneurysm

I was driving to Mass this morning, listening to most Sunday mornings. I wasn't awake enough to listen to the "1776" CDs. I have to pay close attention to those...."chandeliers", WTF? Thank God for the Armorer. Anyway, I am driving and listening to "Weekend Edition". It's news and the Puzzle Master and they have this segment called "This I Believe". Usually, I find these little essays highly enjoyable and interesting.

So this morning's "This I Believe" segment features a woman named Aileen Mory. What an asshat! She starts out with bemoaning her own shortcomings as a "citizen" (I'm with you, Aileen, you suck!). You see, Aileen doesn't believe in the war. But she really can't be bothered to do jack about it. (No problem, Aileen, we're rolling along fine without you.) So, what's her solution to her ennui? And so, in the name of shared pain, I support the reinstitution of the draft. (Come again, elohssa?) Of course, reinstitute the draft and then everyone would become involved and feel *connected*.

You can listen to her here, if you need to.

So, Aileen, let me help you with this. If you feel *disconnected* from the military how about you skip upsetting the whole applecart and just go to *connect yourself*. Go to America Supports You or Soldiers Angels or ValorIt or volunteer at a VA Hospital or for the USO. That way you can feel connected without actually *FUCKING THINGS UP ROYALLY*. You see Aileen, many smart people....serious people......people who ARE connected to the military think it's a good idea that the people in the military want to be there in the military. They don't want people who aren't dedicated to being there. I have never heard such a stupid reason for re-introducing the draft in all my life. I have heard arguements on both sides and while there are some valid arguements against an all-volunteer military......this is not one of them.

So get connected. Don't get connected. I don't give a fat rat's ass. But stop talking like an idiot.

And if my way of life is threatened by outside forces, I'll be forever grateful to that soldier guarding the wall. Unfortunately, that soldier is invisible to me. I know he's out there, but he doesn't have a face — certainly not the face of my child.

Well, assclown, they are not invisible to me! The lives of people who matter a great deal to me are at stake in this arguement and I do not appreciate idiots who want to mess with it.


SK said...

Ah Maggie darlin', you ROCK!! I'm gonna owe you one in Vegas : )

Trias said...

Werekitten could think of a way to connect I'm sure.

Still, consider yourself lucky. Over here one does not see anything of what they do in person or in the press.

BostonMaggie said...

WK will appreciate being dragged into this, lol.

Ron Simpson said...

geeze. what an idiot. the draft is a bad bad bad idea.