Monday, April 28, 2008

Southie Pays Tribute Charlestown

Yesterday at St. Francis de Sales we began our 18 month celebration of our Church's 150th anniversary. Bishop Hennessey came and gave the homily. He said something very relevent to today's news. He told us that St. Theresa said that you get the pastor you deserve and we must have done something very right to get Father Mahoney. We all applauded. I applauded heartily because I love Father Mahoney.
**(But then I thought about what this says about Obama. People ask why it matters what his pastor says............well there you go. What can I say? Go, go, go baby! Everytime you open your mouth it helps my Bad Boyfriend!)**


Patrick said...


Please put up a paypal button so you can collect donations and get yourself a real camera and lens. Pocket cameras are fine, but big lenses work well when hand held inside.

I am of course at your disposal for advice on cameras to get, but I've already posted on the subject.

Argent said...

Children come to Wright's Christian church. They deserved it? I do not agree with your pastor at all.

BostonMaggie said...

Patrick - The finest camera in the world will not held. i have a familial tremor and that's what all my pics look like. This pic, like everything else on the blog are primarily for my when I see the pic, I have a crytal clear pic in my mind....sorry!

Argent - Maybe you should read the post more carefully. My Pastor did not make the statement. I am the one who tied it to Wright, not the Bishop who said it. As far as children in Wright's church, their parents are responsible for them, not me.

Argent said...

On your tremor, some cameras now have powerful movement correction features. Perhaps when you next get one you can try a few to see if it works on one.

Yes, true my mistake, to be exact I might be disagreeing with St Theresa, assuming the Bishop is correct.

Yes you tied it to Wright, although by the St's words it can be tied to any pastor. And I still stand by my disagreement based on the children.

I am in no way implying you are responsible for the children.