Friday, April 18, 2008

What's Friday Night Without An Adventure!

I'm not even close to parent-of-the-year material, but I did one thing right - my kids will come to me with any problem. They will never needlessly go without my help because they didn't want to tell me something.

Bachground - Jen had no car in the driveway. No food in the fridge. The call came through at 1903 - Praire Fire! Inside joke. So, I shut down the computer, leave work and go off in search of dinner. I end up with fish from Lobster Hut. Fish on a Friday night for the Papists from Charlestown.....who'da thought? So we get "The Kingdom" on pay-per-view (we liked it even with it's little moralizing bits).

I got home and the house was empty. Wow!
that's right, Tom is at work and Frankie is down Deadman's Trail. Frankie and Bill are down Deadman's Trail just like Bill's late mother and I were down Deadman's more than thirty years ago.....THIRTY YEARS? Yikes!

What will I do with this unexpected gift? Laundry? Check. Dishes? mmmmmaybe Blogging with M&Ms? Getting warmer. How about some girly stuff? Yes! So the M&Ms are waiting by the computer and I go into the bathroom, take off my bra, pin my hair up, wash my face and put some thick goopy mask on my face.

Doesn't that sound great? I thought so.

I am about to go to my room and get a wrapper so I can sit and surf and blog and eat M&Ms......

Then Spanky Frankie came bombing through the front door "Mum, I need you! This girl needs her inhaler." I turn back to the sink and rinse, rinse, rinse as fast as I can so I can put my glasses back on, lol.

Off we go to the woods....U turn in the middle of the Lane. Car isn't stopped, Frankie is out and gone.

Ok, back to try again.

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