Thursday, April 03, 2008

Damn It, John!

I am supposed to be at the gym, not in front of my computer crying.
Boy’s Wish Comes True at Fort Sam HoustonArmy Maj. Gen. Russell Czerw, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, installation commander, teaches 5-year-old Gavin Cox how to shoot an M-9 pistol at the ES 2000 weapons training facility. Gavin also trained on an M-16 rifle and walked away with a marksmanship badge. Photo by Ed Dixon
By Phil Reidinger Special to American Forces Press Service
FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas, March 27, 2008 – Gavin Cox could have traveled to any exotic locale or tried any profession in the world, but this 5-year-old with leukemia had just one wish: to be a soldier.
His wish was granted March 18 when he became a soldier for the day here.
He could have chosen any activity during this break in his treatments, to include Disney World,” said Gavin’s father, Troy Heminger. “He wanted to be a soldier.” During a solemn ceremony in the Army Medical Department Center and School command conference room, the little boy stood proudly on the conference room table surrounded by soldiers of all ranks. Dressed in an Army combat uniform, Gavin was promoted to the honorary rank of sergeant in the Army Medical Department by the installation commander, Army Maj. Gen. Russell Czerw.
*********The whole article is here. Bring a tissue.
A resentful H/T to the Armorer for sending me to this website.
Bravo Zulu to Major General Russell Czerw and all the soldiers at Fort Sam Houston.

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