Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Why Aren't You In New York?"

So yesterday, as you know if you are following our continuing saga, I didn't go to New York because Uncle J is not properly invested in providing me with entertainment. Ok, I didn't go because it was cancelled.

Anyway, I immediately emailed Jen with that info. No reply.

Later, around 1700 I send a text "Plans tonight?" No reply.

At 2000 she sends me a text "Leaving work." I send "Movies?" She answers "Yes"

We meet, we were crazy early, I get a blow-by-blow of her stunning day at work and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Her promotion. We watch the movie. "Vantage Point" (which I loved!).

We were leaving and heading to our respectives cars.

Jen turns to me..........."Why aren't you in New York?"


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