Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And He Still Let Me In!

OK, background........Princess Crabby is petty and jealous and selfserving and wants what she can't have. Several respectable MilBloggers I read get to participate in DOD Blogger Roundtables. Some, who are not nice (Armorer) taunt me with emails about having so many of these invitations they can't keep up.

So, I went and found an address and emailed someone:
How does one get to participate in these Blogger Roundtables? I am a very small blog (currently averaging just over 100 per day). Myblog is here in case you need to check it.

Five weeks go by, no reply, I forget about it. You take the shot....whatever.

Then, yesterday I get a reply.
Hi Maggie,
Ok, so I'm a little slow sometimes. I've been traveling a lot. ANYWAY, yes we can add you to the Bloggers Roundtable list. Can you send me a short bio I can use to introduce you to the subject matter experts?
-- Jack

Bio? I forgot they would announce me! I participate in teleconferences for work all the time. How did I forget this part?
So, I frantically shoot back.
A short bio? Ha! This is going to be difficult. I might have to consult with a few of the *real* milbloggers about how to phrase this. I am small and nonsensical although extremely pro-military and vehemently pro-OIF/OEF. Can I have an hour or two to think about this?

Fortunately, Jack is gracious.........
SURE! After all it took me over a month to answer your email. I'll add you to the list so you'll know who's coming up. You can always listen on BlogTalkRadio too.
-- Jack

I send out a bazillion emails to serious bloggers and all my imaginary friends.
Ok, what exactly am I supposed to say in this *bio* that gets me in as opposed to causing government agents to come to my door and disconnect my modem?

WereKitten's advice can not be reprinted in my PG blog.
FbL said
"Well, who did you bribe to let you in the door there, hmmm? ;)
Don't know what you SHOULD include, but I'm pretty sure you're not gonna want to mention that MG Lynch obsession you've got... :D"
Sherri (DomestikDiva) piped up with:
I just don't know, my mouth always gets me in trouble. And I'm thinking this is one time nekkid pics might NOT help you. Then again....

Serious Navy bloggers sent me copies of their bios......yeah, that made me feel better....NOT! LOL

So this was my answer to Jack

Boy are you going to be sorry that you answered my email. You know, I had given up on you and you were in the clear! LOL

I can't remember the last time I fretted so much about something. I asked people connected with the
Castle of Argghhh!, a highly respected milblog where I am a "denizenne" with posting privileges. All they really told me was not to send "nekkid pics" of myself, that in this case, they wouldn't help me (they are kidding there are no such pics). I asked serious Navy bloggers (Galrahn, and SJS for example) and they sent me copies of their "short bios" which just made me cringe with embarrassment! SJS actually lists me as part of the Navy blogosphere, but I think it's part of some affirmative action program.

The long and short of this is, I have no bona fides. I have no relevant life or military experience. So, I suppose I will have to go with this:

Maggie of BostonMaggie blogspot, writes about the military, foreign policy, current events and history as a civilian who strongly supports the military, the GWOT and OIF/OEF.

How does that sound?
LOL, you have me more spooled up than when I took my SATs!

I need a drink.


So, I'm done, right? No! I get home and there are a few more serious emails (and a bunch of nonsensical ones - somehow I am being reported the British Columbia Human Rights Commission because I flashed Finn McCools?????), including an extremely helpful one from the Yankee Sailor. So Jack gets another email from me.


I told you this had me spooled up! I wrote to you earlier this evening, hit send and promised myself to be done with it. I went to my sister's to watch this week's episode of "
John Adams". Finally in episode six they bring up his importance as "father of the Navy"!! Anyway, I came home to several emails from people who bemoaned what I sent you, lol.

The Yankee Sailor has suggested that I actually do have "bona fides", kinda sorta. I grew up in Charlestown, which is a neighborhood in Boston where they keep the USS Constitution and my Dad was in the Navy. These guys think I should work that in.

So, second and final answer (I promise, this scattered part of me will not surface during the Roundtables):

Maggie of BostonMaggie blogspot, writes about the military, foreign policy, current events and history from the perspective of a civilian who strongly supports the military, the GWOT and OIF/OEF.
Maggie grew up in Charlestown, running the decks of Old Ironsides & climbing the 294 steps of the Bunker Hill monument. Her love of the Navy and the military was fostered by her father, who served aboard the USS Norris (DD-859) in the late '50s.

The first draft is below, if you think it's more appropriate, go with that. Use your best judgement and make sure I don't look like a jackass.


And he still let me in! Jack will be in Vegas for the MilBlog Conference......I owe him a drink, huh!
BTW, do you think I dropped enough names? Remember when you have nothing of your own.....ride someone else's coattails!
Thanks to everyone who helped me on this. The serious answers were gratifying and the nonsense answers kept me tethered to earth.
You know what Jen said "Good. Lord."


FbL said...


Oh, Jack. You are going to be so, so sorry. :D

ConcreteBob said...

Personally, I'd have gone with the nekkid pictures.

SK said...

I had no doubt we could count on Bob for that response : )

BostonMaggie said...

FbL - You know it!

Bob - Send those pics right along, baby! FbL & WK & HfS & I will have fun with those.

Ken Adams said...

Maggie, don't be shy about letting the "real you" come out during the round table. They need more blind adoration of flag and general officers.

Citizen Deux said...

Okay - great work. I would have just dropped a notch about your location (heart of the northeast - or some trumped up aspect of prior education).

Sounds like great fun.

Galrahn said...


No pressure, but you usually only get to ask only 1 question, so it has to count.

I'll leave the Inbox open!

Steeljaw Scribe said...

The only affirmative action we do 'round these parts is the kind that puts the emphasis on the "action" ;)

One thing that does sort of help is if it looks like a number of us navy-types are going to be particiapting is to come up on the 'net a day or so ahead of time and share our questions so we avoid duplication. Think that worked out real well for the interview with VADM Morgan. Also be ready for 1 immediate followup to the question you just asked and if there is time, a second question if they go back around the participants. Order of questions is by order of check in when you first dial-in, BTW...