Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Pope Coverage

*****UPDATE - I have noticed several hits from people searching some combination of the Pope and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". If you follow this link to CSpan's coverage of this morning's ceremony, Real Player pops up with the whole 36 minute clip. The Marine Corp band does "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" just after the 27 minute mark. They do a fabulous job as always. CSPAN was running live Pope Benedict coverage from 1000 to 1100 EST. Very nice. I enjoyed it.
Bush, big White House crowd greet Pope Benedict XVI on his birthday
WASHINGTON -- Washington -- Pope Benedict XVI today celebrated his first full day in the United States awash in the pomp and ceremony that befits the visiting head of the Roman Catholic Church, who also marked his 81st birthday.
More than 9,000 guests underwent thorough security checks as they gathered at the White House's South Lawn for the pope's arrival. Clerics resplendent in the red and purple robes of the church hierarchy took their places.
But two things
One, while I love the Pope and I was rooting for him from the beginning. I was a Rattzinger supporter from the moment the conclave started. I think he is great. Right man for the job. But still.............and I know this is wrong......when I listen to him speak.......I have a hard time.
With his German accent.....all I hear is "bad guy". Too many WWII movies?
Also, the Marine Corp band played "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Who picked that? The Pope is against all war. Why would you pick a song that glorifies it. You know Princess Crabby has no problem with war. But, he's the Pope for pity's sake!
Anyway, it was really nice.

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