Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bigger Than A Rock Star, Baby!

Pope Benedict XVI Arrives in USA Greeted by President
posted on YouTube by Bottom Line Up Front

Father Mahoney didn't want me to miss this and thanks to Amy, I didn't.
Listen to them scream for him! Then they sing "Happy Birthday" since it's the day before his birthday. Amy selected Fox's coverage, so Shep Smith is doing the voice over. Shep pointed out that this was a historic first for the President to go to the airport to greet the Pope.
My first thought was "Why didn't "W" kiss the ring?" Then I remembered.....not everyone is lucky enough to be a Papist.....much less Boston Irish Catholic. Right SB?

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Anonymous said...

You know me...I LOVE being Boston Irish Catholic! Nothing better! Goes over real well in this Muslim part of the world. Even they recognize that Boston Irish Catholics are a special breed. SB