Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sure! Egg Me On!

Sherri is egging me on. Like I need it!

I am in work and aggravated.

First - I woke up upset about something I bollixed up last night.

Then there was the stupid NPR thing on the ride to Charlestown.

Next - During Father Mahoney's sermon, I nearly burst into tears. Somehow, while he was talking to the whole Church and not even looking at me.....he reached down inside me and plucked one of the few remaining heart strings. Now, I have to do something I DON'T WANT TO DO!

Fine - off to CCD. I was so aggravated I went right up to Joan and beefed. She laughed at me and sent me to my class. About 20 seconds into it, the Evers kid had me laughing. I said "You know, I came in here peeved about something.....and you're making me laugh." He said "You're welcome!" LOL Fine!

Then it was down to my parent's for tea where I recounted a little problem I had and my fabulously heartless mother said "Don't you have any good news?" LOL So I laughed and told her funny things and good things. You really can't sulk around my mother.....she won't tolerate it. Have I mentioned the blog mortifies her?

Then it's off to go to work. I stop at the supermarket to pick up something for lunch and my brother Frankie calls.
Where am I? Supermarket.
Where is he? My bedroom.
Ahhhh, yes, I asked him to come down and measure for the drywall project. LOL Fine, I'm on my way. There is lot's of sighing. I make a lot of people feel this way. But Frankie is the most comical.
Are you leaving the closet? No. Sigh
Are you covering the open rafters in the ceiling? No. Sigh
Are you getting a new door? No. Sigh
Why are all these extra kids in your house (Frank had friends sleep over)? This is normal. Sigh
Then we go to Jennifer's house for a few minutes. She has company. I walk in and put milk in her fridge. I am asked why I am putting milk in a fridge that has milk........I explain that I will be back at 2100 to watch "John Adams" and I would like real milk with my cookies and aggravation.

Then it's into work, where SB comes out and tels me the most marvelous story, and I actually manage to nitpick. I'm a jackass.

Now I am sitting here in work, off the clock, blogging and eating my much delayed lunch. The phone system isn't functioning properly and I haven't decided what to do about it yet.

I'm in a mood.

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SK said...

What is it with you and Wendy blaming me?? I'm innocent I tell ya! lol