Friday, April 11, 2008

My Bad Boyfriend on American Idol

He rocked! LOL Clinton and Obama were stiffs.


Googie Baba said...

I would have loved to seen Simon's reaction! I used to watch American Idol, and then I got the bright idea that going to law school would be cool. I'm so busy, I shouldn't even be reading your blog, I should be studying contracts.

Vigilante said...

Yeah, Pops doesn't too badly speaking when he doesn't have to delineate between the Sunnis, the Shi'ia, and al Qaeda in Iraq. Maybe we can find a placefor him on AI if he would only resign in the Senate this December.

BostonMaggie said...

GB - What are you doing here? You should be reading contracts!

V - Whatever! People mispeak, I call my sons by each others names....I know who they are. I'd rather have a president who flubs once in a while than a liar or a Marxist.

That little episode is all you people have so you cling to it. You all know full well McCain know who's who in each sect.

Vigilante said...

The whole point, Maggie, is that this repeated confusion of McCain's is one which has a purpose, a meaning. Your pretense to be oblivious to this amazes me. Somehow I expected more and better of you. Your re-education will be a daunting task to undertake. You're right: when I observed that you were a high-maintenance girl, you responded that I had no idea how high.

I'm getting that idea.

BostonMaggie said...

There is no repeated confusion. That's an exaggeration. It's all you have and it's pathetic. I saw when people tried to do it to Admiral Stockdale and it was pathetic then. McCain is not too old to be President. He doesn't have Alzheimer's. If I wanted to play this game, I could find plenty of examples of Clinton and Obama doing the same thing.

Vigilante said...

What does it mean to you, Maggie, if some one were to say that your response is "diagnostic"? Does that word communicate anything to you?

BostonMaggie said...

No, it doesn't.

All I know is that anyone in the public eye is at risk of saying something they didn't mean or is ripe for misunderstanding.

For someone to take McCain's remarks that day and call him "Pops" shows ignorance.

How about we take Clinton's remarks about Tuzla and say that's because she is a just a woman?

How about we take Obama's remarks about "typical white people" and say it's because he is black?

There are three serious contenders for the Presidency and only one is fit to be President. You may not agree with his policies, hell I don't agree with all of his policies! However, he is the only one of the three who should be President. Period.

Anyone who can look at these three people and pick Clinton the liar or Obama the friend of terrorists
over John McCain needs to go get diagnosed and fill the prescription that's written for them.

Age is not a disqualifying factor in this election anymore than gender or race. But it's all the Dems have to hang their hat on.

Vigilante said...

I have attempted to be oblique so that you could discover the whole point yourself. I rescind "Pops". It was artless. Age is not the issue. Your focus is the issue. And I now see it was presumptious on my part to think I could persuade you to adjust it.

BostonMaggie said...

Well how about if you just take a shot at being direct?

Age isn't the issue.

My focus is?

What does that mean?

Vigilante said...

'Being direct'?

That's an old issue with me. It's old enough that Trophy Wife has given up belaboring it.

Being direct is what I am when I am impatient with my listener and have little confidence in him. Being oblique represents my patience and my investment in my listener. In my flawed experience, people are much more likely to see light if they are given the opportunity to discover for themselves without having their nose shoved into it. I'm willing to stick around long enough to help them along the way to their ultimate Gestalt "AHAHHHH!.

For some reason, Maggie, I thought you worth that investment. My fault. Maybe I became too adversarial, I guess.

BostonMaggie said...

Please ask your Trophy Wife to bop your fat head for me.

Are you trying to say I am too defensive about McCain? Probably true. Although I was much nicer to you about it. Over at the Castle, I told them that I would take the PRI girl and kick her down a flight of stairs and tell her she was ugly.

Vigilante said...

Trophy Wife and I are going shopping. Maybe I'll bring it up.