Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This Trip To The Dry Cleaners Went Better

than Saturday's!

I was on the cell phone as I walked through the door, so I paused just inside the doorway to wrap up my conversation. After disconnecting, I turned to the clerk and confessed I didn't have my ticket. It wasn't Saturday's girl, it was the regular girl who is very efficient. She smiles and says "$6.12 please." I am baffled. She gestures to the pick up rack. There is my new red silk blouse. LOL While I was on the phone, she went and got my blouse and rang me up.

Guess I didn't need the ticket!

BTW, I am wearing the new blouse tonight. To an undisclosed location. To meet with un-named persons. That's right - a blogger party! And I will look fabulous.

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