Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Suh!

Edwards bid shows poverty not big campaign theme
From Rueters & Matthew Bigg:
The inability of John Edwards to gain traction in his bid for the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination indicates that fighting poverty in America has limited appeal for voters.

No suh, it show that people were smart enough to know that for John Edwards, poverty was nothing more than a gimmick. "Two Americas" was his schtick.

They saw through his disgusting stunt last summer where he campaigned on the memory of Bobby Kennedy. Needless to say, I abhor John Edwards. I am just relieved that he did not fool more Americans than he did.

You don't invest in companies that foreclose on Katrina victims and then say you want to go to Washington to fight for them.

Edwards is an asshat with a wayyyyyy overinflated ego. Trust me, I know a away overinflated ego when I see one.......mine is huge.

Imagine me running for office and telling you my leading concern was downsizing the military and pulling out of Iraq.


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