Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Podiatry Adventures

So, about five weeks ago my right foot hurt when I would do lunge pose in yoga. When the right foot was in the back and the shin would be moving toward the right toes, it felt like something was being ripped off the bottom of my foot. It hurt up the back of my heel to the bottom of the calf. I asked around and tried some things, heat.....ice.....motrin...stretching. Nothing really worked. I got gel heel cups and they were okay, but actually irritated the other foot.

So this morning I go to the podiatrist. I have an extra bone in my foot! LOL I have the craziest shit, between the arthritis in my ear (otosclerosis) and now an extra bone in my foot.

Anyway, that's not the problem, the problem is tendonitis of the achilles. Or, as she put it "a dysfunctional tendon". No bone spurs and no arthritis. And by the way, the heel cups are useless, ditch them. LOL, but of course! 27 bucks I'll never get back. Anyway, the answer is physical therapy and arch supports and lose the treadmill. I love the treadmill, damnit! I read and watch TV. She wants me to substitute the eliptical. Hello? I am not that coordinated!

Now that I am sitting at my desk, I just noticed that I sit with one foot up on the cross brace of the chair and my right foot flexed..........probably not good.

There will be physical therapy, but don't worry, Princess Crabby keeps up with the pedicures, the foot scrubs, the foot cream, pumicing.......the feet look good.

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