Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roberta McCain

CSpan has this marvelous interview with Sen. McCain's mother. I loved it.

At the beginning she talks about how the United States Navy represents the best America has to offer. Ok, fine, she's preaching to the choir.

Then twenty minutes in the interviewer asks how he takes after her and she exclaims that he doesn't. Mrs. McCain said that *Johnny* is like his father, Jack. The interviewer points out that Sen. McCain says he's more like his mother than his father. She just says "Well, he isn't. He's like his father and I don't think any traits that I have at all he has. I really don't." Interviewer "None at all?" Mrs. McCain "Un-huh. No. He will not hold a grudge. I kind of like some of mine."

I laughed out loud. You know I have a similar lament about Frankie. He can't hold a grudge and I get so frustrated! SB calls it Irish amnesia when you forget everything but the grudge. That's me.

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