Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Effing Phone Works!!!

You know since MG Rick Lynch signed day has gone downhill.

I had a verbal altercation with someone I care deeply about.....which is causing me to be snippy and find fault with everyone in the office.

The new phone arrived and my boss took it down to be activated. He brought the old phone to see if the phonebook could be saved.

He called. "Maggie? It works."


"So I spent $30 online for nothing?"

Argghhh!! My life is a Fellini film. Or an O. Henry novel. Or de Maupassant.


Anonymous said...

This is so ridiculous that I have to attempt to find you this way.. Where are you, I am at home, call me


Anonymous said...

I miss you, love you and admire you, come home safe