Friday, January 11, 2008

I Have Powerful Imaginary Friends

That's how Jen refers to my fellow bloggers.

In the post below I wrote about Galrahn's suggestion (from his blog) that each Presidential candidate should answer this question:

"The CO of the USS Hopper was about to open fire right before the Iranians turned away. The Pentagon was reported to use the phrase "at the last second" in terms of how close it came to a shooting incident. Would the CO of the USS Hopper been right to open fire?"

Fast forward to tonight. I'm home from "Girl's Night" and my duties as designated driver. I sit down to blog and pop on the repeat of tonight's debate. Imagine my surprise when Brit Hume, who clearly got the memo asks Galrahn's question. I mean, sure, he changed it up a tiny bit to avoid paying Galrahn a royalty or crediting him........but we know!

"A recent incident in the Strait of Hormuz between a U.S. Navy ship and five Iranian speed boats launched a vigorous debate Thursday night among Republican candidates about America’s role in the world.

Five of the six candidates on stage at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in South Carolina applauded the commanding officers for responding with restraint when they did not fire on the speed boats even though a radio call claimed the U.S. ship was going to explode in minutes."

Read the rest here.
***************UPDATE - Galrahn popped in to the comments to be modest & tell me he loves me..............I love him too! He is one of a group of Navy bloggers that I read so I can seem wicked smahhhht to SB. Galrahn is also gracious to be part of a group of Navy guys who let me email them my questions. My regular readers in my's all about Maggie!


Teresa said...

Wow - cool. I'm imaginary! This means I've been missing out on all sorts of opportunities over the years. Geeze - ya should've told me sooner! LOL.

Galrahn said...

I've posted 5 times out of 440ish on politics, and now it is claimed I'm even potentially political savy?

haha i love ya hun, but if Brit Hume is using my stuff, he's digging at the bottom of the barrel.