Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Think I Have To Dash Off A Memo To The CNO

Certain Sailors are trying to cheat certain Swabbie Doxies out of *points*. I'm thinking my friend Gary needs to put someone in hack. Certain Sailors need to learn there are CONSEQUENCES for their actions!

If you read this blog. You know I operate on a point system. I am not always good, so I try to make up for it on the back side. Remember the whole "Sins/Virtues" thing? I'm a little weak on the Virtues, so I teach CCD. A few good points to balance things out.

So when SB asked me to obtain a piece of information a few days ago, I jumped right on it. I Googled and Yahoo searched. I sent out emails. I made phone calls. I told Jen and she thought she might have a lead. In the end, I got it. I send off the email "Success!" and pass along what I have learned.

Today, in IM with SB he writes: "Hey tell my BFF I really appreciate her help getting that *redacted for security purposes* for me and that I love her and miss her."
I reply: "She didn't get it!!!! I did. I got it and I get the credit. My points."
SB: "Well tell her anyway. I'm sure she was thinking about getting it."
Maggie: "No. My points. Are you keeping track of my points? I expect to receive credit and the proper reward for all my points. I am not sharing any."
SB: "What points? You have no points! You don't need no stinkin points!"
Maggie: "I have points, I have lots of points. I will not be cheated. I will take this matter to the CNO if I must."
SB: "So says you!"
Maggie: "I will explain that the Pirate King is an indian giver!"
SB: "Just pass my message to my BFF."
Maggie says: "That he is trying to renege on commitments. That he OWES me.
SB: "I never, ever committed to anything regarding points for you!"
Maggie: "He will place you in hack until my points are all credited and rewarded. They are my points, earned fair and square whether you acknowledge them or not."
SB: "Be tough to do if I'm in hack! Won't be my first time in hack!"
Maggie: "Well the CNO is very wise and he is very grateful for all my assistance in making sure he became CNO. He honors his committments, so I am sure he will make it so that you are placed in hack behind a locked door with me. He is not as scurrilous as the Pirate King."
SB: "That's not hack! That's fun! Don't use words I have to look up!
Maggie: "What's a matta CM boy?
SB: *taunting comment redacted for security purposes*
Maggie: FU
SB: "Are you shouting at me?"
Maggie: "YES"
SB: "Are you talkin to me?
Maggie: "FUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFU! Cheater! What can on expect of someone from *redacted* anyway?"
SB: "Tisk tisk, temper temper. I'll decide who collects what when where and how."
Maggie: "Humph. I have no say in this?"
SB: "Of course not. I'm runnin this train. I do have to go."
Maggie: "Then what is the point of trying to acquire points? Go. Be gone."
Maggie: "Princess Crabby is tired of you."
SB: "Because I may someday acknowledge them."
Maggie: Humph. Go work. You might as well do something useful for the taxpayers. You are of no use to me!"
SB: "The Pirate King has left the building!"

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