Friday, January 11, 2008

My Report Card

My work week runs Thursday to Friday. So that's kind of how I think of my life. How did the PCSIP(tm) do this week 01/03/08 to 01/10/08?

Gym - 3 times - that's just ok.....

Atkins - stuck to 20 carbs per day or less all week except for Sunday breakfast with Jen. I ate the toast......I think I'll blame Jen. Yeah, that's it. It was Jen's fault. Jen will just say "Whatever, Crazy!"

Spending - A)No frivolous purchases.
....................B) Eating out, 2 meals, take out 1 - not good.

Work - 43 hours - not great. I didn't work Wednesday because I took the morning for personal errands which were for the good.....but the bulk of the afternoon went to instant messaging SB and blogging. Bad Maggie! So if the extra carbs are Jen's fault.....the lost work time will be SB's fault? Yeah, that's it! It's SB's fault. SHHHHHH! Don't tell him, he'll threaten to talk to me less for my own good. He's a bastid that way.

Personal Organization - Now this was good. Got some things hemmed and dry cleaned. Cleaned out clothes for the boys and I. Several big bags to the PlanetAid clothing bin. Lot's of crazy stuff to the dump. My bedroom seems to be getting bigger, lol!

Overall - C


Trias said...

Oh c'mon this imaginary friend's (er strictly er imaginary platonic) imaginary marks would give you a solid B. Does that count?

BUMBLE!!! said...

My report card isn't near that good - typing this, I"m procrastinating the gym

But I did keep consistent on sleep and watching the debates.