Thursday, August 09, 2007

Well.....Wasn't This Typical!

Today was, as my sister Grace would say, a lala!I got an email a few days ago from that fabulous New England Blogger, Miss Kelly. She has been following, among other things, the criminal case against Imam Muhammed Masood, who was arrested last November with 33 Pakistanis as part of a nation-wide sweep for religious visa fraud. Masood and his family faced deportation, but now the feds have brought criminal charges against Masood for visa fraud and making false statements. You can bring yourself up to speed here, and here.
A hearing was scheduled for today and Miss Kelly wanted people to come out and stand in support of law enforcement. It was short notice and I do (whine, whine) have this head cold, but I checked the calendar and I found I could do it.
So this morning I came into work, got everyone settled and headed for the Moakley Courthouse. I gave myself an hour and fifteen minutes. I get to Bostonian Society meetings in less time and I figured at 10 am it had to be even easier. Everyone should already be where they are going, right?
I sat in incredible traffic all the way to Braintree and then it was time to flip that mental coin.
You know I never get the 50/50 questions. Today the question was......stay on the road or get on the "T". Well, of course I picked wrong. Braintree Station parking lot - full. Quincy/Adams parking lot - full. Quincy Center - I am finally on a train. The RedLine runs parallel to the highway. I don't need to tell you how empty it was. Once I hit South Station I found the Silver Line and followed two Court workers to the Courthouse.
I was supposed to meet Miss Kelly & whoever else showed right in front at 11:15 am. She expect we'd be there until noon.
I arrive at the main entrance. Do I need to tell you what time it is at that point? Yes, that's right. It was noon. LOL No one was in sight except for security. I ask them if this is the only entrance. I tell them I am late to meet someone. Just then Miss Kelly sees me from inside and comes out to greet me. She has two gentleman with her and introductions are made...they are not blogger and clearly unaware of how fabulous I I move on! (I'm teasing, it was great that they were there and they were very nice)
They are ready to leave. I get the debrief.
Then comes the part where I actually get to be useful! Miss Kelly had walked over from South Station. I get to show her the Silver Line and we get to chat until we get to the Red Line.

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Miss Kelly said...

I hadn't been in that area in so long, I had no idea there even WAS a Silver Line. Thanks for coming out! I owe you one.